All about Eve

It was an ordinary day in an ordinary month. She was sitting in an ordinary bar with some ordinary people. They weren’t her friends exactly, but if someone had asked her, she’d probably say they were. She was talking with someone about something unimportant, when she saw her come in. She said her name was Eve. Her voice sounded like the breath of spring. “I’m Clara” said the ordinary girl while she shook Eves hand. Her skin was warm and soft and perfect. Clara found herself holding her breath while she held Eves hand just a moment longer than it was appropriate. They sat down opposite each other and started talking. They talked about books and poetry. About their hobbies and their mutual aversion towards handicrafts. They laughed together, drank together, argued about Kafka and the meaningfulness of insanity. And bevor she knew, the evening was over and it was time to go home. She wanted to ask Eve for her phone number. She just could not find the courage to do so. She went home. Alone. While Eve stuck in her head like a song that you heard on the radio, but you knew that it’s the song you waited for your entire life and you just don’t ever want to hear another song again. Eve was more than a girl that Clara just met in a bar. Eve was perfect. She was the combination of all the best things with just the right amount of mystery and adventure. She was like this secret ingredient that you can’t describe, but makes the food taste even better. Like saffron. But too much saffron would taste bitter and spoil the meal. She couldn’t possibly imagine there was anything about Eve that could taste bitter.

Clara went to bed. It felt wrong. Again. It felt way to big and empty. The sheets felt to heavy. The pillow felt wrong. And it smelled wrong. It smelled like her, Clara, instead of smelling like Eve. The thought of Eves smell seemed to drive her insane. Her head was spinning. It was like she’d taken a perfect drug, designed only to drive her insane.

It’s been weeks, till she saw Eve again. It was another ordinary day. Extraordinary things seem to have this quirk to happen on ordinary days. She was on the way to meet someone for coffee. And there, in the middle of a crowd was this braided hair, that could only belong to Eve. Her heart skipped a beat. Her eyes widened. Her feet seemed to move on their own while she tried to find a path through the crowd and at the same time, not to lose track of Eve. And then it happened. She was just a view steps away, when this guy, whoever he was, put an arm around Eves shoulder. Clara stopped. The world stopped. The whole of the universe stopped. The time just froze, for what felt like an eternity. Clara wanted to run, to scream, to breathe, but she just couldn’t. And then, all at once the world started spinning again, and it felt like the earth has been pulled away from under her feet. Eve chose this exact instance to look over her shoulder. She looked right at Clara and smiled. She turned around. She held this guy’s hand when she went this last view steps toward Clara. She said how nice of a surprise this was, introduced her boyfriend and kept smiling her perfect smile. Clara just couldn’t find a single word to answer. All she wanted to do was to pull Eve closer and kiss her, like she never kissed anyone before. She forced herself to smile. She forced herself to finally say some polite words. And then Eve said the words, that Clara couldn’t.

She asked Clara her for her phone number.